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IB Math Studies Syllabus

This course covers 8 topics in all and will also include work on a internally assessed project.

Click each topic to find out more specifically what we will be covering.

These topics are from the IBO math studies course guidelines.

TOPIC 1 - Introduction to the GDC (graphic display calculator) 1 day

We will use this section to introduce you to the numerical, graphical and listing facilities of the GDC and we will make sure that you are familiar with commonly used buttons.

TOPIC 2 - Number and Algebra 9 days

In this section you will be introduced to some basic elements and concepts of mathematics.  You must have a mastery of this section in order to be successful in the work for the rest of the course.

TOPIC 3 - Sets, logic and probability 14 days

The aim of this section is to enable you to understand the concept of a set and to use appropriate notation, to enable you to translate between verbal and symbolic statements, to introduce the principles of logic to analyse these statements, and to enable you to analyse random events.

TOPIC 4 - Functions 17 days

In this section you will develop an understanding of some of the functions that can be applied to practical situations.

TOPIC 5 - Geometry and trigonometry 14 days

This section will be used to develop your ability to draw clear diagrams, represent information given in two dimensions, and develop the ability to apply geometric and trigonometric techniques to problem solving.

TOPIC 6 - Statistics 17 days

The aims of this section are to introduce you to concepts that will prove useful in further studies of inferential statistics, and develop techniques to describe and analyse sets of data.

TOPIC 7 - Introductory differential calculus 10 days

This section will be used to introduce the concept of the gradient of the graph of a function, which is fundamental to the study of differential calculus, so that you can apply the concept of the derivative of a function to solving practical problems.

TOPIC 8 - Financial mathematics 7 days

In this section you will build a firm understanding of the concepts underlying certain financial transactions.


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